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Raw Facts

Only feed your dog RAW bones. Cooked bones are brittle and can cause internal damage, and in severe cases death.

Raw meaty food contains live enzymes and important nutrients. If you cook the food the enzymes and nutrients are destroyed. This will compromise your
dog’s immune system and health.

When changing to a raw meaty diet stop all other dry and processed foods including canned food, pouches and dog roll.  Mixing foods together in the gut can lead to fermentation and the potential build-up of bacteria resulting in tummy upsets.

Dogs’ intestines are muscular and relatively short. They are designed to process and eliminate usually within a 24 hour period. When they are fed a raw meaty diet, digestion of food through the gut and intestinal systems will operate at optimum levels. There will be a noticeable reduction in the volume and smell during toileting.

Your dog’s energy level will increase due to the right ‘fuel’ being digested and used efficiently.

Raw feeding naturally cleans your dog’s teeth as a
result of the chewing, ripping and grinding of the
bones. This means a healthier mouth and gums,
less tartar, and sweeter smelling breath.

Raw feeding will ensure your dog remains a healthy weight and is at less risk of diabetes.