Getting started is easy but it is important to follow a simple process so your dog stays happy and healthy.

Like us, dogs can get gastrointestinal upsets if different foods are mixed. So when you start your dog on Raw Pawtions it is important to STOP feeding your dog dry and processed dog foods.

The first stage is to help your dog adjust to their new raw food diet. To do this we start them on mixes and tripe.  Tripe is a ‘super food’ for dogs. It is packed full of vitamins, minerals and probiotics for gut health – and they love it.  Tripe encourages their gut to return to the correct PH levels. A balanced PH is necessary for them to process the raw meat and bones which they will get soon.  We feed them like this for at least two weeks.

After completing the first stage, we introduce soft bones to your dog like lamb brisket and whole chicken frames (or chicken necks for smaller dogs), with mixes of minced meats and tripe.

Once your dog is used to the soft bones we can introduce raw meaty bones which are packed full of nutrition. The bone marrow, ligaments, small amount of cartilage, meat, tendons, and fat found in the bones, are vital for your dog’s dental and mental health.

After approximately two weeks on this diet it is time to add in other varieties of meat, fish and offal. This includes rabbit, possum, beef, lamb, duck, veal, venison, oily fish (pilchard/mackerel) and the occasional liver (in small quantities).

On our raw feeding food plan your dog will eat meat, bones, organs and green tripe. And by eating at least three different species throughout the week your dog will be eating a nutritious and balanced diet.

Order from us today. We will deliver seven days’ worth of doggy dinners.

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